About Us

Everyone opens two gifts in the morning and these are eyes!


Everyone Being a believer, this quote was well learned in childhood and took an inspiration since then to do something for this great blessing’s protection and wellness, this passion for eye care products and quest of prescription lenses variety lead me to build an eye glass processing lab. Individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes a competent team to route us to Opticalmart. We share the passion for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions at Opticalmart.


Our objective is to offer high quality glasses for the lowest prices in the market. Where ever you are located, we are committed to send you your glasses in the quickest time-frame possible. we have proven ourselves to have the optics selection for all age & genders. Our prices are industry competitive and deliver value for money every step of the way.


All our processes, from purchasing to dispatch, are carried out with high attention to make sure that due care, accuracy and quality craftsmanship is guaranteed. The result is excellent quality at low prices.


Opticalmart strictly follows ANSI & ISO standards and guidelines for each prescription eye glasses as a standard benchmark. We only use Freeform Advanced digital Technology to provide next level customization for progressive and single vision lenses based on HDV Technology. Opticalmart are fully equipped to process and deliver variety of special eyeglasses such as safety eye glasses, high curved goggles with prescription, Digital lenses, blue light filter lenses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of smart phones, TV and all other digital gadgets.


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity will lead us to new paths to produce much more advanced eye care products to share the passion for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions at Opticalmart.



We are committed to providing a quality product and a safe shopping experience.