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Unisex Eyewear Rectangle Frame

SleekLine SLT09-049 Square Frame Eyeglasses

Rs.2,850.00 PKRRs.2,280.00 PKR
Chimeric W1001-1-022 - Half Rim Glasses

Chimeric W1001-1-022 - Half Rim Glasses

Rs.6,900.00 PKRRs.5,520.00 PKR

OVision K786R-05 Oval Frame Eyeglasses

Rs.2,850.00 PKRRs.2,280.00 PKR
unisex glasses

Chimeric W1001-1-021 Square Frame Eyeglasses

Rs.6,900.00 PKRRs.5,520.00 PKR

OVision K786R-03 Oval Frame Eyeglasses

Rs.2,850.00 PKRRs.2,280.00 PKR

PoleOptik-KE3189A-C3 Rectangle Frame Eyeglasses

Rs.2,950.00 PKRRs.2,360.00 PKR

Best Price Semi Rimless Glasses In Pakistan

Welcome to our stylish collection of semi-rimless glasses! Explore a diverse range of eyewear that seamlessly combines fashion and functionality. Opticalmart showcases the latest trends and timeless designs, all crafted to elevate your look and enhance your vision.

Discover the allure of semi-rimless glasses, where modern aesthetics meet lightweight comfort. With a minimalist frame design, these glasses strike the perfect balance between sophistication and casual elegance. Whether you're seeking a professional look for the office or a chic accessory for your everyday wear, our collection offers an array of options to suit your unique style.

We take pride in curating eyewear from top brands and designers, ensuring that each pair is made with precision and attention to detail. Our semi-rimless glasses come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials, allowing you to find the perfect match for your face shape and complexion.

At Opticalmart, you'll find glasses that not only complement your appearance but also provide optimum vision clarity. The half-rim design offers a clear field of view, making them ideal for reading, working on digital screens, or enjoying outdoor activities.

Whether you're a fashion-forward trendsetter or a practical individual seeking comfortable eyewear, our semi-rimless glasses collection has something for everyone. Browse through our handpicked selection and experience the joy of finding eyeglasses that truly reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Upgrade your eyewear game with our semi-rimless glasses and see the world through a new lens of style and clarity. Join us in embracing the fusion of fashion and function, and elevate your eyewear experience today!